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There is actually just me, Thomas Feilkas, working steadily to improve the products, the website, and myself to find out where it leads to.

Team Member

Thomas Feilkas


The first application I ever wrote, or better "copied from paper to screen", was for the Schneider CPC 6128, way back in the 80s. Since then times have changed and the computer systems with them. The first real job was about databases and Visual Basic with some small parts dabbling in C for optimizations. Afterwards C++, 3D graphics, internet and multimedia followed by medical technology where most of my work is done nowadays.

By accident I got hold of an android based phone, the HTC Desire, and soon started writing my first application for it. The Birthday App began to grow and continues to do so. In the meantime more apps have been added to the portfolio. All of them are used by myself on a regular basis.

But more important than the product were the people I got to interact with during development. Without their help, ideas, criticism and willingness to try out new things, this would not be happening.