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Android(TM) phones come with a wide range of useful features, synchronization of your data with all kinds of web services, gps support, maps calendars, contact databases...

But there is always something missing and our goal is to provide solutions wherever there is need of improvement.


Samsung Smart Manager

Samsung Smart Manager

Side effects of app optimization
Build system setup

Build System

The story behind our build system
Website relaunch

Website Relaunched

After 4 years it was about time the website got a new look and feel.
Better Timer Released January 16, 2016

Kirchseeon, Germany

Birthdays Released January 15, 2016

Kirchseeon, Germany

Website Relaunched 2015 March 01, 2015

Kirchseeon, Germany




Do you want to make sure you congratulate your friends for their birthdays?

The Birthdays app helps you achieve this goal by notifying you about upcoming events. Several widgets are included to keep track of events on your home screen.


Call Log

Do you have limited free monthly minutes or just want to know more about your call history?

If yes, the Call Log app is what you need.


Better Timer

The better timer app helps you creating gorgeous dishes, deliver the perfect barbecue or leave the house on time.