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UI Design

With the Photo To PDF app you can quickly and easily scan paper documents and combine multiple pages into a single PDF document. The PDF documents can be shared or stored locally. Sharing allows uploading the documents to any cloud provider accepting PDF documents. Example cloud providers supporting PDF are for instance DropBox or Google Drive but there are sure to be more.

To facilitate scanning photos they can be both automatically and manually cropped followed by a perspective correction transformation. This corrects most distortions due to the slightly oblique angles normally used when acquiring photos. In addition, photos can be shared similar to the PDF documents allowing using the app for image processing.

There is no limit to the number of pages per document built into the app so you can create single page documents same as multi-page documents.

As a free for use app advertisements are shown to recover development expenses. If you do not want to see advertisements you can disabled them via in-app subscription options.

Pricing Options


  • Advertisement supported
  • Document scanner and image organizer
  • No page limit for PDF documents
  • Share to any cloud service
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No Advertisements for 6 months

1.19 EUR
  • Switches off all Advertisements
  • 6 month period with automatic renewal
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No Advertisements for 12 months

1.79 EUR
  • Switches off all Advertisements
  • 12 month period with automatic renewal
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Pricing Details

The price for the in-app purchases shown here is for German customers. Prices outside of Germany may differ slightly but should be fairly similar and in most cases lower.

Advertisement Free Details

Advertisements in apps are shown using third-party libraries provided by the advertisements providers. To show adds, these libraries are integrated into the app. When an advertisement shall be shown, the library is asked to provide one.

We use the AdMob network owned by Google for advertisements. In case we add another network we will indicate it on this page and on the privacy policy page.