Better Timer

UI Design

The better timer app helps you creating gorgeous dishes, deliver the perfect barbecue or leave the house on time.

The timer takes advantage of your screen. Where other timer apps restrict the time to a predefined text area of fixed size this app automatically scales up the texts using the maximum space available. This way you can be sure the text is easily readable even from a distance

By using the same area for starting and pausing the timer you do have an easier timer interacting with the timer while you are busy preparing dishes or focusing on your main work.

The app keeps the screen on so you can keep an eye on progress. This comes in handy while preparing dishes to be prepared for the next steps. After the timer finishes, the app closes automatically after a predefined time period so you do not have to worry about unnecessary battery drain.

There are several designs which can be used as part of the presets to create distinct timers for each task.

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  • Advertisement supported version.
  • Same functionality as the paid version
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0.98 EUR
  • Advertisement free version.
  • Configurable user interface
  • Store presets for your common tasks
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